Attention Amateur Radio Operators :

Are You Suffering from RFI - Radio Frequency Interference?

RF Hell



If you are a Ham radio operator and you are suffering from RFI, radio frequency interference, or if you are causing RFI or TVI, you have found the right place. Here at RFI Wizard we are developing a lively community of people involved in radio frequency interference - RFI work..


If you are a Ham and have RFI or TVI problems to solve, I would like to hear from you. Please enter your e-mail address below and I’ll keep you posted as the community takes shape. I've worked with RF & Microwave test equipment for decades and have written and presented papers on RFI for the last several years. I've tracked down jammers and solved various interference problems over the years.


I believe that Hams who track down and solve RFI problems deserve a place where they can discuss their problems and solutions with like-minded individuals who can make suggestions and help to solve problems. The wisdom and experience of a community of Hams along with RFI & EMC professionals can't help but make all in the community more successful in solving their RFI and TVI problems..


Steve Thomas, N6ST

Host of RFI Wizard


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